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Japanese invaders overwhelmed Canadian and other troops defending Hong Kong.

In November 1941, Canada sent 1975 troops to help garrison the British colony of Hong Kong. Although dispatched as part of a plan to deter Japanese aggression, the Canadians were not fully equipped and still undergoing training. On 7 December 1941, Japan entered the war with a series of successful offensives in Asia and across the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese invaded Hong Kong on 8 December and overran its meagre defences in 17 days.

In their first land combat of the war, Canadian troops fought valiantly in a vicious, unequal struggle. Losses were heavy: 290 killed in action and hundreds wounded. The survivors were all taken prisoner. Suffering from malnutrition, disease, overwork, and brutality, nearly 300 more Canadians died in captivity.

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