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Canada and the 
Second World War
The World Crisis
Canada goes to War
Canada at Britain's side
The Battle of the Atlantic
Canada's War at sea
The War comes to Canada
The Battle for Hong Kong
Disaster at Dieppe
The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
Bomber Command
The Royal Canadian Air Force
The Home Front
The Italian Campaign
Canada at D-Day
The Normandy Campaign
Liberating Northwest Europe
The War against Japan
Forced Relocation: the Japanese-Canadian Story
Going Home
Counting the Cost
A Nation Transformed



Canadians played a prominent role in the Normandy Campaign, a deadly battle of attrition.

For the first month following the D-Day landings, a stalemate developed during which the Allies built up their forces in a narrow bridgehead. Additional Canadian formations were committed to the struggle and organized as II Corps, serving under First Canadian Army.

In July Canadian troops helped capture Caen. They then participated in a series of difficult offensives towards Falaise aimed at joining an American advance from the south and encircling the German forces in Normandy. By August 21, the Germans had either retreated or been destroyed between the Canadian-British and American pincers. The ten-week Normandy Campaign cost the Canadians alone more than 18,000 casualties, 5000 of them fatal.

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The Normandy Campaign
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