1914 Star Reproduction


This First World War medal was authorized in April 1917, and the bar on 19 October 1919. It is often called the ‘MONS STAR’.

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The original version shows a bronze star measuring 1.75 inches in width. A four-pointed star has its uppermost point replaced by a crown. Across the face of the star are two crossed swords (blades upward), the blades and hilts of which protrude and thus form additional points of the star. For mounting purposes, the ring for suspension is stamped out solid with the piece and is attached to the top point of the crown. On the obverse, in the centre are three scrolls; on the top scroll is the month AUG, with the date wreath and on the bottom of the wreath is superscribed the Royal Cypher GV (with the V inside a larger G).1914 and the month NOV on the middle and bottom scrolls. The three scrolls are surrounded by a laurel. The reverse is plain and displays the recipient’s number, rank, name and unit. The Canadian 1914 Stars most commonly show: 2-STA.HOSP.C.A.M.C. . The watered ribbon is 1.25 inches wide and shaded left to right: red, white, and blue. The recipient of a bar wears a small silver rosette on the ribbon in undress.

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