Pilot Bear


Meet our 9-inch tall Pilot Bear, an adorable aviator donning a classic bomber jacket and hat! This courageous plush companion honors the brave men and women of Canadian aviation history.

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Introducing our adorable and courageous pilot bear, a true symbol of valor and history! This plush companion takes flight into the hearts of all who encounter it at the Canadian War Museum.

Dressed in a aviator outfit, complete with a bomber jacket, a classic aviator hat, and a scarf, our pilot bear captures the spirit of aviation during wartime. Its huggable size make it an irresistible keepsake for children and adults alike.

This pilot bear serves as a reminder of the brave men and women who soared through the skies to protect and defend Canada during times of conflict. Whether it’s displayed proudly on a shelf or shared as a heartfelt gift, this lovable bear embodies the essence of courage and pays homage to the remarkable history housed within the Canadian War Museum.

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