Victory 1945 Lapel Pin


In April, Canadian troops liberated most of the Netherlands. By the time German forces on the British and Canadian front surrendered on 5 May the Canadians had advanced to Oldenburg, in northern Germany, while Canadian paratroopers had penetrated even farther east. The Germans formally surrendered on 8 May 1945, known as Victory-in-Europe, or ‘V-E’ Day.

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When it became clear that the tide had turned in favour of allied forces in the Second World War, the “V” for victory became a rallying sign. Images of the great Sir Winston Churchill’s gesture of the two-fingered “V” gave hope to millions who struggled with the conflict at home and abroad. This enduring image is reproduced in the form of a lapel pin, manufactured to the exacting standards of quality that you’ve come to expect – finely struck and highly polished enhanced with high-quality enamel. The pin features the popular clutch back attachment.

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