Victory Medal Reproduction


This First World War medal was agreed to by all allies in March 1919. All medals were to be almost identical to obviate the need to exchange allied medals and each was patterned after a French medal of 1870. The medal was authorized in Britain (and for Canadians) on 01 September 1919.

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On the original version, a circular, copper medal, in lacquered bronze, with a size of 1.42 inches in diameter. For mounting purposes, there is a ring passing through a loop fixed to the top of the medal. The ring moves forwards and backwards but not sideways. The obverse shows the winged, full-length, full-front, figure of Victory, with her left arm extended and holding a palm branch in her right hand. The reverse shows the legend THE GREAT / WAR FOR / CIVILISATION / 1914 – 1919 in four lines, surrounded by a wreath, with dots below the words. The watered ribbon is 1.5 inches wide, and consists of nine coloured stripes: violet, blue, green, yellow, red yellow, green, blue, and violet.

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