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Canada’s War Artists

Major artists recorded the important contribution made by Canadians in both world wars. Like the soldiers they depicted, artists saw comrades and brothers die. They marched over corpses, suffered through deafening bombardments and endured inhumane conditions. The paintings you see in this exhibition are their legacy, a first-hand account of "how it was."

"It is logical that artists should be a part of the organization for total war, whether to provide inspiration, information, or comment on the glory or the stupidity of war."

— A. Y. Jackson, Canadian First World War artist

Canada’s War Art

Canada’s war art has no permanent exhibition space. Canvas of War provides a unique opportunity to appreciate works of art that record the nation’s military history, and changed the course of Canadian art.

"These paintings have left a legacy of truthful seeing and feeling, and caught for posterity some of the deep and terrible days of courageous despair and brave hopes for a better future."

— Leonard Brooks, official war artist, Second World War