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Canada within the Empire
NAC/ANC C-18,737
British North America
The War of 1812: Invasion Repelled
The War of 1812: Canada Saved
Fortifying Canada
Rebellions in the Canadas
The Fenian Raids
Confederation and Expansion
Creating a Standing Army
Developing the Canadian Nation
The Northwest Campaign
Canada and Imperialism
The South African War
Military Reform



Western expansion fundamentally changed Canadians’ ways of life.

In 1873, Ottawa formed the para-military North-West Mounted Police to maintain order on the western frontier. While this force was generally successful in keeping the peace, government land-holding policies and voting regulations systematically disadvantaged many of the region’s non-white inhabitants.

The inter-continental Canadian Pacific Railway, completed in 1885, gradually pushed back Canada’s western frontier. It enabled settlers to flood into the prairies and agricultural production to find eastern markets. These major changes altered forever the way of life of the area’s Native peoples and the Métis. Not all the changes were welcome.


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