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Canada within the Empire
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British North America
The War of 1812: Invasion Repelled
The War of 1812: Canada Saved
Fortifying Canada
Rebellions in the Canadas
The Fenian Raids
Confederation and Expansion
Creating a Standing Army
Developing the Canadian Nation
The Northwest Campaign
Canada and Imperialism
The South African War
Military Reform



Political and cultural animosities led to unsuccessful armed rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada.

In Lower Canada, an English-speaking elite largely excluded the French-speaking majority from power. In December 1837, the Patriotes, mostly lightly-armed farmers led by Louis-Joseph Papineau, launched an insurrection. British troops defeated them in bitter fighting along the Richelieu River and at St. Eustache near Montréal. A second uprising south of Montréal in 1838 also ended in defeat

In December 1837, Upper Canadian radicals led by William Lyon Mackenzie, frustrated with political patronage and corruption, tried and failed to seize Toronto. Many rebels fled to the United States, where they organized several raids against Upper Canada in 1838. The rebellions led to the Act of Union, which joined Upper and Lower Canada into the province of Canada in 1841.

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Lower Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie
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