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The Canadian War Museum publishes souvenir catalogues of its permanent and special exhibitions, as well as occasional publications on Canadian military history. The Museum also actively supports academic publishing through agreements with various Canadian publishers.

Featured publications

World War WomenWorld War Women
By Stacey Barker and Molly McCullough

The First and Second World Wars transformed the lives of Canadian women, as they took on new roles in response to the inevitable trials and tragedies of wartime. Through photographs, artwork, diaries and mementoes, World War Women explores their stories, showing how women’s contributions challenged perceptions — within society and within themselves — of their capabilities.

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The LeBreton GalleryThe LeBreton Gallery
The Military Technology Collection of the Canadian War Museum
By Andrew Burtch and Jeff Noakes

Experience the LeBreton Gallery and the Canadian War Museum’s superb collection of military technology. Get an up-close view of imposing tanks, artillery and other machines of war, and learn about the military technology used by and against Canadians in times of both peace and conflict.

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Fighting in FlandersFighting in Flanders
Gas. Mud. Memory.
By Mélanie Morin-Pelletier

From the opening movements of the First World War, most of Belgium was occupied by German forces. This souvenir catalogue explores how Canadians in Belgium had to adapt to the significant challenges ― from the first use of poison gas in the Second Battle of Ypres to the hellish mud of Passchendaele.

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Canadian Art of the First World War
By Amber Lloydlangston and Laura Brandon

This souvenir catalogue showcases 56 oil paintings, watercolours, prints and sketches by 52 artists in full colour. As they did when they were produced, these works help us understand and appreciate the unprecedented contributions and sacrifices Canadians made between 1914 and 1918.

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A. Y. Jackson and Otto Dix
By Laura Brandon

Group of Seven painter A. Y. Jackson and German artist Otto Dix incorporated the brutal horrors that they saw as soldiers on the First World War front lines into their later landscape art. This souvenir catalogue traces the impact of the First World War on both artists’ careers. It includes 44 full-colour images of landscape paintings, drawings and prints, some never before seen in Canada.

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Peace – The ExhibitionPeace – The Exhibition
By Amber Lloydlangston and Kathryn Lyons

This souvenir catalogue captures the rich history of peace in Canada through more than 50 images and a chronological account of key historic episodes. It invites all Canadians to better understand peace as a force for action and change in our past, and as an ongoing narrative today.

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Four Wars of 1812Four Wars of 1812
By D. Peter MacLeod

Canadians and Americans have used the War of 1812 as a source for nation-building narratives, centred on their stories of the war. But all four groups fought and remembered their own War of 1812. Written to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the infamous war’s outbreak, this beautifully designed volume recasts the conflict as a war of four perspectives — and four stories.

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A Brush with WarA Brush with War
Military Art from Korea to Afghanistan
By Laura Brandon and Glenn Ogden

This full-colour exhibition guide provides a powerful visual record of the Canadian military experience from 1946 to 2008, and shows how Canadian artists are expanding the boundaries of Canadian military art in diverse and important directions.

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Treasures from the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War MuseumTreasures from the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum
By Frank Corcoran and Victor Rabinovitch

Whether it is the last Red Ensign that flew over Parliament Hill or the medals and memorabilia from Canada’s military heroes, the treasures described in this book are a reminder of our country’s rich human and military history.

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