Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times

This exhibition of 12 unique wartime sculptures portrays ordinary Canadians touched by the extraordinary circumstances of the First World War. A number of them have not been exhibited since the end of the war, some 96 years ago.

They are all from the Museum’s Beaverbrook Collection of War Art, which includes more than 13,000 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures.


This exhibition is graciously supported by the Friends of the Canadian War Museum and Michael and Anne Gough.


Captain Herbert D’Olier Kingstone, M.C.; CWM19710261-0796
The Blacksmith; CWM19710261-0426
The Shell Finisher; CWM19710261-0414
A Moulder, CWM19710261-0424

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Date July 31, 2014 - February 28, 2017
Fees and Booking Free
Location Lobby
Audience Adults, Children, Family, Veterans, Young Adults, Teens
Event Type Special Exhibition

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