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First World War (1914-1918)
Atlantic Theatre

In response to the threat of German naval activity, the east coast navy expanded from its tiny pre-war establishment to include a wide assortment of ships. Their range of duties included blockading, convoy escort and minesweeping.

Royal Canadian Navy Trawlers, Northwest Arm, Halifax
Royal Canadian Navy Trawlers, Northwest Arm, Halifax

John Ambrose Kell took this photograph of Canadian naval trawlers anchored in the waters of Halifax's Northwest Arm late in the First World War.

Built in response to the growing threat of German submarines, the trawlers performed patrols along the Canadian coast and swept for mines laid by German submarines in the approaches to Halifax Harbour. As the numbers increased, the trawlers were spread about Halifax Harbour or in the adjacent Northwest Arm due to a space shortage. Ships from Northwest Arm could also leave and arrive during the night, when the nearby entrance to Halifax Harbour was blocked by anti-submarine nets.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
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"A Pill for Kaiser Bill", HMCS Niobe
Medal Set, Sub-Lieutenant J.M. Paul, HMCS Niobe
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Royal Canadian Navy Trawlers, Northwest Arm, Halifax