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The Second World War
The Merchant Navy  - The Merchant Navy

Between 1939 and 1945, Canadian and Allied merchant ships and their crews transported personnel, munitions, weapons, and food across the world's oceans as part of the Allied war effort. Enemy action sank some 70 Canadian and Newfoundland merchant vessels. Over 1,600 Canadians and Newfoundlanders, including eight women, were killed.

SS Maisonneuve Park Model
SS Maisonneuve Park Model

The SS Maisonneuve Park was one of some 400 merchant ships built in Canada as part of the war effort.

Of this total, 43 were of the same general design as the Maisonneuve Park. With a few exceptions, merchant ships built in Canada for Canadian service were named after Canadian parks, while those built for British service were named after Canadian forts. Owned by the Park Steamship Company, part of the Canadian government's Department of Munitions and Supply, the "Park Ships" were operated by Canadian steamship companies. Completed in September 1945, the Maisonneuve Park subsequently served with Canadian National Steamships.

Model Ship, Cargo Ship
CWM 20010250-001

SS Maisonneuve Park Model
Oil Tanker in Convoy
Airing Out Tanks
Convoy at Sea
St. John's Harbour, Newfoundland, March 1945
Hospital Ship - Lady Nelson
An Explosive Cargo
Merchant Ship Leaving at Night
SS Victoria Park under Construction
The Dry Dock at Saint John, N.B.
The Merchant Service Is Silent Too!
I was a victim of Careless Talk
Examination Officer Boarding Merchant Ship
Merchant Navy Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Certificate
Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship Service Dress Jumper
Lewis Machine-Gun
Holman Projector Canister and Grenade
Canadian Pacific Cap Badge and Cap Band
Merchant Navy Sweetheart Brooch
SS Lake Pennask