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The Early Cold War
Anti-Submarine Warfare

The Canadian navy's main Cold War mission was anti-submarine warfare against the naval forces of the Soviet Union and its allies. Canada's navy operated within a framework of alliances, especially the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), created in 1949.

Soviet Submarine Crew
Soviet Submarine Crew

This publicity photograph shows crew members of a Soviet submarine, including an officer (right) while their vessel cruises on the surface.

Throughout the Cold War, Soviet submarines posed a significant threat to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), its warships, and the North Atlantic convoys that would have been required in the event of war. Post-1945 developments, including nuclear-powered submarines with longer-range torpedoes and submarines carrying anti-ship missiles, presented an even greater danger than had German submarines during two world wars.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19820577-001_10

Soviet Submarine Crew
HMCS Swansea, July 1959
Limbo Anti-Submarine Mortar, HMCS Kootenay
HMCS Margaree
Homing Torpedo Model
Homing Torpedo Mk 43 Mod 3
Sikorsky H04S Helicopter
Model, HMCS Gatineau
Model, HMCS Assiniboine
Plotting Room, Halifax
Grumman Tracker Launch
Practice Depth Charge
Uniform, Rear-Admiral Kenneth L. Dyer