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Beginning in the 1990s, long-standing efforts to renew the ships and equipment of Canada's navy began to produce results, with new vessels entering service. At the same time, the navy continued to fulfill national commitments to alliance operations and, following terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, to "the war on terror".

Model, HMCS Toronto
Model, HMCS Toronto

HMCS Toronto is one of 12 Halifax class patrol frigates that entered Canadian service between 1992 and 1996.

The end result of the Canadian Patrol Frigate program that had begun in the mid-1970s, Toronto and the other 11 frigates are sophisticated, multi-purpose warships. Their armament includes air defence and anti-ship missiles, a Bofors 57 mm gun (right), a Sea King helicopter (far left), and anti-submarine homing torpedoes. A Canadian Tactical Towed Array Sonar (CANTASS), capable of detecting submarines at very long ranges, replaces the variable depth sonars carried by earlier Canadian warships.

Model Ship, Halifax Class Frigate
CWM 20020197-001

Model, HMCS Toronto
Model, HMCS Halifax
HMCS Montréal
HMCS Montréal
Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
HMCS Oriole
Esquimalt Base
HMCS Chicoutimi Ball Cap
Clearance Diver's Suit
Colin Peek Standing in Front of the Sea-King Helicopter in His Gear
Boarding Party Coming Aboard the Whitehorse