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First World War (1914-1918)
The U-Boat Menace

The emergence of the submarine was a major development in naval warfare. German submarine - or U-Boat - attacks against Allied shipping in the Atlantic and in European waters posed a major threat to the Allied war effort.

Model, U-27
Model, U-27

A German imprisoned in Amherst, Nova Scotia, made this submarine model.

The model represents U-27, sunk by the British ship Baralong, a "Q" ship disguised as a merchant vessel in order to trap German submarines. After approaching U-27 while pretending to be an American ship, Baralong suddenly raised British flags and sank the submarine with gunfire. Baralong's captain ordered his marines to fire on the surviving submariners, later claiming that he feared that they might scuttle a merchant vessel that U-27 had already stopped and was about to sink. Although the British Admiralty tried to keep the incident a secret, news spread and Germany was outraged.

Model Submarine, U-Boat
CWM 19900116-001

The Return of U-9
U-Boat Deck Gun
Periscope Lens, U-117
U-Boat Signalling Lamp
Cut-Away German U-Boat Mine
German Naval Mine, U-153
SS Audax Sinking
Life Ring, SS Brussels
Life Ring, UC-77
"We risk our lives to bring you food. It's up to you not to waste it."
Porthole, RMS Lusitania
Qu'importe l'existence des Neutres! L'Allemagne est au dessus de tout! (Neutrality is irrelevant! Germany sees herself above all else!)
HMHS Llandovery Castle
Depth Charge, "Type G"
Model, U-27
First World War Atlantic Convoy
German Submarine U-118