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The Early Cold War
Rebuilding and Transformation

The Canadian navy's main Cold War mission was anti-submarine warfare, as it had been in the two world wars. It sought to build a force of ships, personnel, and facilities to fulfill this mission, as well as to pursue other national objectives like sovereignty protection.

Radio Room, HMCS Margaree
Radio Room, HMCS Margaree

In this informal snapshot, a sailor sits in HMCS Margaree's radio room, surrounded by radio equipment.

The sailor, wearing denim working dress, is surrounded by a variety of equipment, including radio receivers with semi-circular dials showing the frequencies to which they could be tuned. A battle lantern, intended to provide light in emergencies when the ship's lighting systems failed, is mounted on the bulkhead in the background.

Naval Museum of Alberta

Radio Room, HMCS Margaree
Brooke Claxton Laying Cornerstone, October 1953
HMCS Chaudière - 1962 Fisheries Patrol
HMCS Labrador
HMCS Labrador's White Ensign
Canadian Sailors Rescue a Horse
Uniform, Reverend Ernest Gordon Blair Foote
Sea Cadet Jumper