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The Later Cold War
A Changing Fleet

Canada's navy changed and shrank in the latter part of the Cold War, but continued to face threats and meet alliance obligations. Despite the addition of some newer vessels, by the late 1970s it faced "rust-out" due to the gradual deterioration of ships and equipment.

HMCS Gatineau
HMCS Gatineau

This aerial photograph shows some of the changes made to the destroyer escort HMCS Gatineau in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Several Canadian warships were rebuilt in this period to increase their anti-submarine capabilities. During its rebuild, Gatineau lost one of its gun mountings and one of its Limbo anti-submarine mortars. In return, it received an anti-submarine rocket called ASROC (the rectangular box with round black dots at upper centre left) and a stern-mounted variable depth sonar (upper left). Other upgrades included improved anti-submarine homing torpedoes and newer electronic equipment.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19780019-015

HMCS Iroquois, Artist's Concept
HMCS Athabaskan
Model, HMCS Bras d'Or
HMCS Bras d'Or
HMCS Ojibwa
HMCS Ojibwa Model
Uniform, Lieutenant Commander Edward Ross Murray
Model, HMCS Assiniboine
HMCS Gatineau
HMCS Gatineau
Model, HMCS Nipigon
Naval Chaff Launcher
The Watch Below – Engine Room – HMCS Yukon
Hands to Supper – Galley and Steamline – HMCS Yukon
FN C1D Rifle
Diving Knife
Soviet Naval Aircraft
Soviet Aircraft Carrier and Bombers
HMCS Huron and HMCS Kootenay, 1990
Baltic Patrol