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The Gulf War

In 1990-1991, as the Cold War was ending, the navy played a central role in Canada's involvement in the United States-led international coalition that ousted Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

Javelin Surface-to-Air Missile
Javelin Surface-to-Air Missile

Detachments of army personnel, armed with Javelin surface-to-air systems like these, served aboard Canadian ships during the Gulf War.

After locating a hostile aircraft, the missile operator fired the weapon and kept the sight (top centre) pointed at the target in order to guide the missile to a hit. The Javelin system complemented the significant upgrades to the armament and equipment of Canadian warships sent to the Persian Gulf. Intended to help counter the potential threat from Iraqi aircraft, the Javelin was hastily purchased to replace the existing Blowpipe surface-to-air missile system that failed last-minute tests during preparations for the deployment to the Gulf.

Missile, Solid Fuel Surface-to-air, Javelin GL
CWM 20040085-001

HMCS Terra Nova in Halifax Harbour
HMCS Terra Nova
Javelin Surface-to-Air Missile
Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
R.A.S. Complete Gulf War
HMCS Huron, 1990
Gulf and Kuwait Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal