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About Us

Operation Veteran

Operation Veteran was founded in 2009 by Dr. Paul Kavanagh in association with the Canadian War Museum, to honour veterans and raise awareness of their sacrifices.

Thanks to contributions from generous private donors and many schools across Canada, all veterans can receive coupons valued at $11 each, which can be exchanged for refreshments or a meal in The Mess, the War Museum’s cafeteria. Since the creation of Operation Veteran, more than 5,000 veterans have benefited from this program.

Educating young people about Canada’s debt to our veterans through better understanding our history is a critical element of Operation Veteran. In honour of the First World War Centenary, your support will enable the Museum’s Supply Line program. This hands-on classroom experience consists of travelling trunks containing authentic and reproduction materials from the Great War. Beginning in 2014, the trunks will travel to schools across Canada so young people can see, touch and understand the past.

By supporting Operation Veteran, you are providing warm meals for our veterans and helping to perpetuate the memory of their sacrifices and their invaluable contribution to future generations.

Open the following document to learn more details about Operation Veteran, its story and impact: Operation Veteran Overview (PDF, 563 KB)

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Paul Kavanagh with son Darrah and a Veteran. C. DrouinPaul Kavanagh with son Darrah and a Veteran. C. Drouin

Students from Stanstead CollegeStudents from Stanstead College presenting a cheque to the Canadian War Museum in support of Operation Veteran. Steven Darby CWM2012-0065-0037-DM

Visitors listening to the stories of a Canadian veteranVisitors listening to the stories of a Canadian veteran, Mark Holleron CWM2012-0064-0085-DM



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