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Tourism Professionals

This section is dedicated to travel trade professionals planning group and FIT visits to the Museum of History and the War Museum.


Bus parking

Free parking is available year round at the Robert Guertin Arena, located at 125 Carillon street in Gatineau, a few minutes from the Museum of History. Coaches going to the War Museum can also use the same free bus parking facilities.


  • Group and FIT rates and policies (Tour Operators) (PDF) (From January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017)
  • The group rate applies to groups of 20 people or more.
  • Free admission for children under the age of three.
  • When you buy a combination including activities at the Museum of History and the War Museum, tickets are valid for three consecutive days – STARTING ON THE DAY OF THE FIRST VISIT.
  • Each combination of experiences applies to a single group. They cannot be separated and are non-transferable.
  • As the Canadian Children’s Museum can be very busy, you are strongly advised to reserve a time slot. If attendance is high, groups without a reservation may not be permitted access.
  • Adult group leaders must remain with students or children at all times.
  • Admission fees are subject to change. All taxes are included.
  • Prices may vary for special-featured films.


Seasonal and tourism brochures/promotional material

To order brochures, posters and promotional material, please contact our Information and Promotions Assistant.


Guided Tours

Discover Canada’s military history! Treat yourself to a guided tour with a knowledgeable and dynamic tour guide. All tours last approximately 45 minutes and cost $3.00 per person.

  • Museum Grand Tour
    Using the stunning new building as a backdrop, this tour shows how ordinary Canadians faced extraordinary challenges. The tour includes a look at War Museum’s world-class architecture, the collection of military art and dazzling exhibition galleries. It combines personal stories with important artifacts to reveal how our military heritage has affected all Canadians.
  • Wars on Our Soil, from Earliest Times to 1885: “Battleground”
    This tour focuses primarily on two wars fought on Canadian soil: the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the War of 1812. Visitors will learn how early conflicts affected First Peoples, the French and the British, helping to shape the country we know today.
  • The South African and First World Wars: “For Crown and Country”
    This tour covers the South African War and the First World War. It includes the Battle of the Somme, the Conscription Crisis, Vimy Ridge and several works of art, and shows visitors that, although Canada’s contribution in these two overseas wars led to growing autonomy and international recognition, it was at great cost.
  • The Second World War: “Forged in Fire”
    This tour examines how Canada’s fight against dictatorships overseas transformed this country. It includes the Homefront, D-Day, the Italian Campaign and war in the air and on the sea.
  • The Cold War, Peacekeeping and Recent Conflicts: “A Violent Peace”
    This tour explores Canada’s military involvement during the Cold War and the Korean War, and profiles our peacekeeping activities to the present day – demonstrating how these commitments made Canada a respected international player.

Education and School Programs

More details

FIT Programs

If you are a Tour Operator specializing in FIT products and would like to set up an FIT contract, please contact the Tourism and Marketing Officer.

Programs and Activities for Groups

For children and students

  • Fun and games: A choice of three programs, including a scavenger hunt in the Museum: Camouflage: hide and seek game, Code breakers: secret mission with riddles and codes, Ultimate Fort: building of giant forts and design of coats of arms.
  • Remembrance Day Toolkit
  • Group orientation program (available in May and June): A visit of the galleries through compelling stories and acquaintance with historic characters.

For all ages

  • Witness to history (PDF): A compelling encounter with a war veteran sharing his memories.

Facility Rentals

The Museum of History and the War Museum offer a wide choice of multi-purpose spaces for small or large gatherings of up to 1,200 people. Whether you are planning a banquet, reception, performance or meeting, we have breathtaking spaces that will simply wow your clients. More details

Special Groups

Need help planning a special group, looking for different ideas or have special requirements?

Contact us with your needs and it will be our pleasure to assist you.


You would like to experience the Museum for yourself or plan a site visit? Contact us for a familiarization tour of the Museums. Send a request to the Tourism and Marketing Officer.

Group Admission Fees

Group rates apply to groups of 20 or more.

Taxes not included – Valid from September 1, 2014, to March 31, 2017

Group Admission Fees
Adult / Senior (18 Years +) Student / Child (3 – 17)
1 Museum
(War Museum or Museum of History)
$9.50 $6.50
2 Museums
(War Museum and Museum of History)
$14 $10
1 Museum + 1 IMAX Film
(War Museum or Museum of History)
$14 $10
2 Museums + 1 IMAX Film
(War Museum and Museum of History)
$18 $13
1 IMAX Film $9 $6
2 IMAX Films $14 $10
School Program $1 per program, per student
Guided Tour $3 per person
Activity Sheets $1 per sheet

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