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Awesome Camouflage

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Discover how not to be seen! Meet the masters of disguise of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, get your face painted and try some camouflage crafts.

Camouflage is all about hiding in plain sight! Get into the spirit by dressing in your favourite camouflage print. How does your camouflage stack up against the cold-blooded masters of disguise of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo? Find out how animals blend into their environments and compare their colours and patterns to military camouflage inspired by the natural world. Have your face painted with a deceptive design, either an animal print or traditional camouflage. Get creative with camouflage crafts, then pose for photos in front of a camouflage backdrop. This dazzling day of disguises is especially fun for families with children ages 4 to 10.

This program is part of the Awesome Sundays series, presented by the Friends of the Canadian War Museum. Awesome activities for the whole family!

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