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In First World War Comes to Life, explore how Canadians served beyond the trenches with costumed interpreters and activities such as knitting, communicating by carrier pigeon, training in a 1918 ambulance and more.

How could you have contributed to the war effort 100 years ago? Find out as you interact with costumed interpreters from the travelling exhibition, First World War Comes to Life, and get a taste for the sights, sounds and smells of a world behind the front lines.

Participate by trying your hand at fun, challenging activities for all ages, all the while discovering how Canadian men, women and even children served both at home and overseas. Join a victory rally, “knit your bit” for the boys at the front or send a message by carrier pigeon. Inspect a munitionette’s handiwork and see if you’re fit for wartime factory work. Check out a 1918 Ford Ambulance and train for your First Aid Nursing certificate. Later, sow the seeds of victory in your own backyard war garden.

Generously funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Veterans Affairs, First World War Comes to Life is curated by the Victoria County Historical Society.

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