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Calling all knitters!

During the First and Second World Wars, hundreds of thousands of Canadians supported the troops by knitting massive quantities of socks, stockings, balaclavas, caps, sweaters and other badly needed comfort items. Now, in honour of our special exhibition World War Women, presented from October 23 to April 3 at the Canadian War Museum, we’re calling on modern-day knitters to help us fill a First World War supply wagon with handmade woollies.

The Canadian Red Cross estimates that 750,000 volunteers knit 50 million articles during the Second World War. So here is our Canada-wide challenge to you:  send or bring us your newly hand-knit socks, hats, mitts, scarves and other items until January 31. We’ll tally the items and announce how we compare. We may not match the wartime output, but we can try!

At the end of the project, IODE Canada, a national women’s charitable organization that supported wartime knitting (among many other things!), will distribute the donated knit goods to organizations that need them.

Come see us on November 29 for Awesome Yarn, part of the Canadian War Museum’s new Awesome Sunday family series. Visitors can help decorate a horse-drawn wagon, while experienced knitters will help fill it with contributed items.


If you’re not in the Ottawa area but want to participate, send your knit items to:

Sandra O’Quinn / Awesome Yarn
c/o Canadian War Museum
1 Vimy Place
Ottawa, ON K1A 0M8


Image: Amanda Schwabe

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