Lacrosse 1812: The Game of History

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Played during times of war and peace, lacrosse has an important place in First Nations culture and history. Games were played to forge bonds, resolve conflict, honour the creator and prepare for war. Learn more about the connection between lacrosse and the War of 1812 through First Nations re-enactors and historical experts. Come out and give it a try!


In partnership with the 2012 Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts Festival



1 p.m. – Atelier C

Join presenters Dao Jao Dre and Jim Calder for an interactive presentation on the history of the participation of First Nations during the War of 1812. Discover the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) oral tradition of the game of lacrosse and discover its connections to the War of 1812.


2 p.m. – LeBreton Flats Park

Watch a demonstration of the traditional lacrosse skills as performed by First Nations re-enactors using traditional equipment and participate in a beginner’s clinic using modern equipment. Meet the players and try your hand at the game of lacrosse.


Jim Calder is publisher and co-author of the recently released book Lacrosse: The Ancient Game

Dao Jao Dre is a Cayuga Nation Faithkeeper and provided the oral history for Lacrosse: The Ancient Game.

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