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Masterclass on Anne Frank’s Story and Canadian Connections

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Join us for a deeper look into Anne Frank’s story, presented by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This 45-minute presentation is suitable for teachers, students and the general public. Learn more about the historical context in which Anne lived, her conditions in hiding, and the important connections between Canada and the Netherlands both during and after the war. The facilitator is a professional Anne Frank House educator and will model best practices for teaching and learning about Anne Frank. The presentation will feature rich visual content, and allow time for questions.

It is recommended, but not required, that participants follow both this program and the virtual tour of the secret annex where Anne and seven other people hid.

Recommended for ages 10+

Register via Zoom (English, 1 p.m.):
Register via Zoom (French, 11 a.m.):

Photo collection of the Anne Frank Stichting (Amsterdam).

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