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Play-by-Play: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

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Watch the Battle of Vimy Ridge unfold in an interactive play-by-play of this iconic event.

On April 9, 1917, Canadian soldiers launched a major offensive on Vimy Ridge in France. One hundred years later, the Canadian War Museum brings this iconic battle back to life in an interactive war game-style demonstration that takes you into the heart of the action.

Offering a play-by-play of events, special guest presenters will move model soldiers across a detailed reproduction of the conflict zone. Watch the battle unfold as Canadian troops charge a virtually impregnable German position high above Allied lines. Following four days of ferocious fighting, Canadians took the ridge, further cementing their reputation for valour and determination.

Suitable for adults and older children, this special event is an ideal opportunity to explore a battle that has become emblematic of Canada’s emergence on the world stage.

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