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The Latvian Tragedy – 1941

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The exhibition will not be presented on March 5 and March 19.

In 1940–1941, caught between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, Latvia was occupied by both powers and their collaborators. The Communists targetted the country’s elite with deportations to Siberia, imprisonment in forced labour camps, and executions. As part of the Holocaust, the Nazi invaders and their collaborators organized the systematic murder of more than 70,000 Jewish Latvians, thousands of mentally challenged Latvians, and hundreds of Latvian Roma. They also executed anyone suspected of cooperating with the Communists. Through photographs, documents and newspapers, this compelling display brings these atrocities to light in this pivotal year of the Second World War.

An exhibition created by the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, in collaboration with the Museum “Jews in Latvia,” and presented at the Canadian War Museum by the Embassy of Latvia.

Image: Children deported by the Soviet regime.
(A scene from the documentary film The Soviet Story by director Edvīns Šnore)