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Camouflage – From battlefield to catwalk

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2009-2010: Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae Gallery

There’s more to camouflage than initially meets the eye, as visitors will discover at the Canadian War Museum. The innovative exhibition Camouflage traces the colourful history of military camouflage over the last century, from the simple concealment of soldiers and objects to the use of camouflage-inspired designs in a wide range of commercial and artistic products. It includes everything from hand-painted dummy heads, designed to draw sniper fire during the First World War, to vast designs for phantom armies and invasion fleets during the Second World War, to sophisticated computer-generated patterns used by today’s militaries. This extensive exhibition shows how the art of military concealment and deception is a product of human imagination, artistic skill and scientific ingenuity, and how designs, applications and effectiveness have varied greatly over time.

The art of camouflage has evolved into a phenomenon of popular culture, now as likely to adorn children or fashion models as it is to mask soldiers or jet aircraft. The exhibition uses clothing, art, models, military equipment and other objects to tell the history of this deceptive art, which still makes soldiers disappear, but designer jeans stand out!

Presented by the Canadian War Museum in partnership with the Imperial War Museum, from June 5, 2009 to September 6, 2010.

We would like to thank GMA Corp., the Supporting Sponsor of this exhibition.