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Faces of 1812

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Faces of 1812 presents some of the men and women, both combatants and civilians, who experienced the War of 1812.

Displayed in the corridor adjacent to the main 1812 exhibition, Faces of 1812 highlights the conflict as a rich and continuing source of artistic inspiration, commemoration and reflection.

The Canadian War Museum presents this exhibition created by Library and Archives Canada

Image credits

Lieutenant John Brant (1794-1832)
By Ralph Tremblay after Charles Bird King
Colour lithograph on paper
Library and Archives  Canada, e010934131


Major-General Sir Isaac Brock (1769-1812)
By John Wycliffe Lowes Forster
Oil on canvas
Library and Archives Canada, e010767950

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Battersby (1755-1844)
Around 1816
Attributed to Levi Stevens
Oil on canvas
Library and Archives Canada, e008299846