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Outside the Lines

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Exploring the evolving perspectives of women on war and conflict, Outside the Lines features more than two centuries of work by women artists. Through some 70 paintings, drawings, photographs, textiles and sculptures, the exhibition looks at Canada’s military history from multiple points of view. Highlights include 19th century sketches of forts and troops, models for a First World War memorial, an anti-war film featuring cats and gerbils, knitted landmines, and a quilt commemorating Black soldiers.

Whether depicting scenes from a 19th century uprising, women working in a First World War factory, or present-day Canadian Rangers patrolling the Far North, Outside the Lines offers a fresh and engaging look at conflict through the eyes of women.

An exhibition developed by the Canadian War Museum.

Painting, activities of the RCAF Women's Division

Paraskeva Clark
Maintenance Jobs in the Hangar, 1945
CWM 19710261-5678
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
Canadian War Museum