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The Symbol of a Nation’s Grateful Remembrance

Sixteen years since the joyful news of the Armistice rang around the world. To most of us the time has passed quickly. It seems only yesterday that we reviewed our returning heroes marching home. The cheers and tears of joy are still vividly before us.

But what long years they have been to those mourning Mothers and Wives. What long years they’ve been to those crippled, shell shocked, blinded and maimed martyrs, many of whom are but merely marking time to the relief that will be theirs when taps are sounded. What price glory if they be denied this day dedicated to remembrance.

There is no tribute that can recompense for what they have contributed. But we can manifest to them today that they are not forgotten. Our debt can only be expressed in the honor, reverence and admiration for their nobility. Their victory and sacrifices will stand as a national heritage to enrich the loyalty and patriotism of Canadian posterity.

We’ve adopted the Poppy as a mute acknowledgment of the honor we accord them. As we wear it on our breasts may its red glow warm their hearts, cheer their spirits and temper their ills. May it convey to them the message of a nation’s undying gratitude.