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Field Service Postcard transcript

NOTHING is to be written on this side except the date and signature of the sender. Sentences not required may be erased. If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed.

I am quite well.

I have been admitted into hospital
and am going on well.
and hope to be discharged soon.

I am being sent down to the base.
I have received your
letter dated ______
telegram [dated] ______
parcel [dated] _____

Letter follows at first opportunity.

I have received no letter from you
for a long time.

Signature only.
Date: September 10, 1916

[Postage must be prepaid on any letter or post card addressed to the sender of this card.]
Wt. W3497-293 2,250m. 3/16 J.J.K & Co. Ltd.