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Letter, 4 June 1944 transcript


Dear parents, brothers & sisters,

My time for writing is very limited. However I must write a few words just to let you know how things are going.

Sorry Mum that I don’t have time to answer all your questions now.

Dad, the time has come for that long awaited day, the invasion of France. Yes, I am in it. I’ll be in the first one hundred Canadians to land by parachute. We know our job well. We have been trained for all conditions & circumstances. We have a fair chance. I am not certain but I expect Len will be coming in a few days later.

To go in as Paratroopers was entirely my own choice. I am in no way connected with any medical work. This job is dangerous, very dangerous. If anything should happen to me, do not feel sad [or] burdened by it, but take the attitude of “He served his country to his utmost.” With that spirit I am going into battle. And let it be [known] that the town of Nipawin did its share to win the war.

I have full expectations of returning and with God’s strength & guidance I’m sure He will see me [through] all peril. My trust is in God.

Your loving son,