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Atlantic Peril

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Battle German submarines in a gripping game of strategy!

The Battle of the Atlantic, 1942. German U-boats are attacking Allied merchant ships at an alarming rate. The Western Approaches Tactical Unit must find solutions and one group discovers wargaming as the means to develop better anti-submarine tactics.

Take on the role of an Allied naval commander as you navigate a convoy of ships transporting vital supplies to troops fighting in Europe. Guide your convoy across the North Atlantic battling U-boats at every turn. It’s a treacherous journey and the stakes are high!

Atlantic Peril is a guided board game experience, featured in the Museum’s special exhibition, War Games. Game developers worked with Museum staff to create a unique experience inspired by real events. Visit the exhibition to discover how gaming played a decisive role in the Battle of the Atlantic.

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Artifact Number: 19710261-1031

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