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Artifact Catalogue

The Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History are pleased to present an evolving searchable catalogue of their collections. Types of artifacts found in our database include archaeological specimens, aboriginal art and artifacts, folk art, furniture, war art, military objects, glass, porcelain, textiles and much more. This catalogue now contains more than 240,000 objects and will continue to grow until the majority of our more than one million artifacts are included.

We invite you to explore the collections!


Important Notice

This catalogue is presented for research and personal use only. For any other use, visitors to the website of the Canadian War Museum or the Canadian Museum of History must obtain written authorization before reproducing or transmitting any image or text in the catalogue. Anyone who engages in unauthorized reproduction, alteration or transmission of any image or text will be subject to legal proceedings. The artifact collection of the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History is very diverse. The subject matter of some of the artifacts could offend certain people. A few of them depict graphic images of war, violence or are of an adult nature. Viewer discretion is advised. The collection also contains culturally sensitive artifacts which are not presented in the catalogue. The Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History have the mandate to preserve, on behalf of present and future generations of Canadians, a vast storehouse of artifacts and works of art. These artifacts are culturally important facets of Canadian history and heritage. They are the witness of the past and present of Canadians of all origins and reflect the Canadian identity

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