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Forever Changed

Special Exhibition

Forever Changed - Stories from the Second World War

Until September 4, 2022

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Forever Changed dives into the heart of the Second World War. Discover the personal stories of Canadians for whom nothing would ever be the same.

An Immersive Exhibition Rich in Compelling Stories

For Canada, the Second World War was a global conflict. For individual Canadians, it was personal. Developed to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Forever Changed weaves together a diverse range of stories with 175 compelling artifacts, exploring the personal experience of war across Canada and around the world.

From a parachutist penning one last letter before being dropped into danger, to a “bomb girl” who was burned on the job; from a prisoner of war who turned to art to cope with the misery, to a Japanese Canadian teenager forced to move 600 kilometres from home; this new exhibition brings to life the impact of the Second World War on the lives of Canadians.

Forever Changed: an exhibition developed by the Canadian War Museum.


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Anchor Stories

Each zone in Forever Changed contains one or more central stories to anchor the exhibition, along with accounts from dozens of additional Canadian service personnel and civilians, whose artifacts and eyewitness testimonies offer unique insight into the many experiences of war.

“The stories are sometimes poignant, sometimes tragic, sometimes hopeful. All of them are compelling.”
Caroline Dromaguet, Director General, Canadian War Museum

The People

Hugh McCaughey

Edith Vollrath

Alex Campbell

Will Kyle

George Boyer


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Exhibition Highlights

Zone 1: Supporting and Defending

On the home front, Canadians supported the Allied war effort. In the North Atlantic, they protected supply lines to Britain, while merchant seamen transported crucial war material across the sea. The stories of “bomb girl” Edith Vollrath, George Boyer and others explore Canadian involvement in the defence of Canada and Britain, along with the country’s wartime industrial production.


Zone 2: The War Against Germany

Canadians fought a war of liberation against Germany, contributing significantly to the final victory against fascism. The stories of Alex Campbell, Hugh McCaughey, Winnie Burwash, and other Canadians featured in this zone attest to the struggles and sacrifices of the war.


Zone 3: The War Against Japan

As Japanese forces overran many British colonies in Asia, Canadian civilians and military personnel were captured and held under brutal conditions. Family back in Canada often knew nothing of the fate of a loved one for months or even years. This uncertainty and sacrifice can be seen in the stories of Will Kyle, Bill Chong, and others featured in this zone.


Zone 4: A Country Shaped by War

Following the Allied victory in 1945, more than one million veterans joined their fellow Canadians, alongside new arrivals, to build a stronger country. Seventy-five years later, the Second World War continues to affect Canadians. The stories of Michiko Ishii, Hubert Brooks and Regina (Rosenbaum) Gertner offer glimpses into the lasting impact of the war.


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Video Gallery

Forever Changed – Stories From the Second World War

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Complete your visit by picking up the souvenir catalogue Forever Changed – Stories From the Second World War, on sale online and at the Museum Gift Shop.


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