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Teacher Resources

These resources explore the conflict and provide evidence of the impact of the war on Canada and Canadians. The First World War and Second World War resources include primary source material such as objects, archival documents, artworks, posters and photographs.

Digital resources designed to support the use of the Discovery Boxes in the classroom are also available, including artifact backgrounders, personal stories and lesson plans for all levels.

Select a conflict to view the resources available.

The First World War Supply Line Discovery Box contains everything you need to lead activities in your classroom.

If you’ve booked a box, the following resources support the use of the box in the classroom and are provided in the box: artifact backgrounders, contextual photographs of the objects in use during the war.

Lesson plans are linked to curriculum for students from Kindergarten to grade 12 (Secondary 5 in Quebec) and include all necessary handouts and resources for use in the classroom.

Choose Your Resources:

Artifact Backgrounders

Attestation papers

Aviation Scarf

Barbed Wire

Canada Shoulder Title

Canadian Official War Photography

Gas Alarm Rattle


Mark I Helmet

Nursing Sisters Apron

Official War Art


Prisoner of War Scrapbook


Small Arms Ammunition Brass Cartridge Case

Semaphore Flags

Service Dress Cap

Service Dress Jacket

Shrapnel Bullets

Small Box Respirator

Trench Art

Trench Periscope

General List Cap Badge

Soldier`s Photo Album

Contextual Photographs

Aviator's Scarf — Photo

Aviator’s Scarf

Barbed Wire — Photo

Barbed Wire

Canada Shoulder Title — Photo

Canada Shoulder Title

General List Cap Badge — Photo

General List Cap Badge

Mark I Helmet — Photo

Mark I Helmet

Nursing Sisters Apron — Photo

Nursing Sisters Apron

Official War Art — Photo

Official War Art

Official War Photography — Photo

Canadian Official War Photography

Posters — Photo


Prisoner of War Scrapbook — Photo

Prisoner of War Documents – 2 of 2

Prisoner of War Scrapbook — Photo

Prisoner of War Documents – 1 of 2

Puttees — Photo


Service Dress Cap — Photo

Service Dress Cap

Service Dress Jacket — Photo

Service Dress Jacket

Shrapnel Bullets — Photo

Shrapnel Bullets

Small Arms Ammunition Brass Cartridge Case — Photo

Small Arms Ammunition Brass Cartridge Case

Small Box Respirator — Photo

Small Box Respirator

Map — Photo


Trench Periscope — Photo

Trench Periscope


Over the Top - an interactive online adventure that allows you to experience the life in the trenches during the First World War.

Over the Top

Lesson Plans

Think Like an Historian (Elem.)

Think Like an Historian (Sec.)

Identity-Appendix1 (Elem.)

Identity-Appendix2 (Elem.)

Identity-Appendix3 (Elem.)

Identity (Elem.)

Identity-Appendix1 (Sec.)

Identity-Appendix2 (Sec.)

Identity (Sec.)

Get the Message (Sec.)

Trench Maps-Appendix 2 (Sec.)

Trench Maps (Sec.)

Math and Art (Elem.)

The Story of Will-Appendix1 (Elem.)

The Story of Will-Appendix 2 (Elem.)

The Story of Will Van Allen (Elem.)

Life in the Trenches (Sec.)

What’s Going on in this Painting (All)

Web Sites

Canada and the First World War web site

Canada and the First World War

Canada’s Naval History web site

Canada’s Naval History

If you’ve booked a Second World War Discovery Box, the following resources are designed to be downloaded and used in the classroom: artifact backgrounders, contextual photographs of the objects in use during the war, artwork and posters and lesson plans.

Thematic content includes an overview, together with archival documents and personal stories related to the selected theme.

Lesson plans are linked to curriculum for students from Kindergarten to grade 12 (Secondary 5 in Quebec) and include all necessary handouts and resources for use in the classroom.

Choose Your Resources:

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Archival Documents

Embarkation and Landing Card

Landing Card

Private Leslie Neufeld’s Last Letter Home, 4 June 1944


Sketches – The sinking of H.M.C.S. Athabaskan


Poster – Un mot indiscret peut causer un désastre (Careless Words May Cause Disaster)


Class of 1941 Graduation Photo, Air Gunner’s School


Prisoner of War Postcard from Guy Rainville to his wife, Peggy


Recruitment Ad – Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Recruitment Ad

Poster – Mesdames s’en vont en guerre (We’re in the army now)


Poster – Daddy Helps Build Them


Newspaper Ad, Des vacances qui hâteront la Victoire (Vacations that will hasten victory)

Newspaper Ad

Poster — Club des 25 (The 25 Club)


Poster – Canadian Army Recruitment


Page from Michiko (“Midge”) Ishii’s Photo Album

Photo Album

Sutekichi Miyagawa’s Internment Identification Card

ID Card

Acte de Disparition (Disappearance Certificate) for Léo Zajderman


Telegram sent to Prime Minister W. L. McKenzie King


Artifact Backgrounders

Mark II Helmet Backgrounder

Board Game Backgrounder

Naval collar Backgrounder

Miss Canada Apron Backgrounder

ARP Armband Backgrounder

Headscarf Backgrounder

Service Banner Backgrounder

Army Battle Dress Jacket Backgrounder

Navy Ratings Cap Backgrounder

Air Force Life Jacket Backgrounder

Gaiters Backgrounder

Flying Helmet Backgrounder

Soap Backgrounder

Lifeboat Ration Tin Backgrounder

Turtleneck Tuck-In Backgrounder

Service Dress Jacket Backgrounder

Propaganda Poster Backgrounder

War Art Backgrounder

General Service Badge Backgrounder

Sweetheart Jewelry Backgrounder

Ration Book and Tokens Backgrounder

Field Dressing Backgrounder

Camera Backgrounder

Contextual Photographs

Canadian soldiers wearing Mark II helmets on a landing craft.

Mark II Helmet — Photo 1

Three female Canadian army nurses in combat uniforms and Mark II helmets drinking tea outdoors.

Mark II Helmet — Photo 2

A group of male and female African Canadian volunteers pose with Mark II helmets and hoses.

Mark II Helmet — Photo 3

Be an Airman game original box cover.

Board Game —  Photo 1

Two RCAF fighter pilots run towards two Hawker Hurricane airplanes on an airfield.

Board Game — Photo 2

Large group photo of aviators in dress uniforms in front of a plane.

Board Game — Photo 3

Three sailors next to an anti-aircraft gun on a ship.

Naval Collar — Photo

Two women in Miss Canada aprons at a War Savings Stamps kiosk.

Miss Canada Apron — Photo

Five Chinese Canadian women wearing A.R.P. armbands being taught about bombs.

ARP Armband — Photo 1

Shipyard workers and a young boy pose by a firehose.

ARP Armband — Photo 2

Women on a factory floor wearing head scarves or hats.

Factory Head Scarf — Photo 1

Factory Head Scarf — Photo 2

A soldier and his mother outside their home.

Service Flag — Photo

Three male Japanese Canadian language instructors in army uniforms outside their school.

Battle Dress Jacket — Photo 1

Canadian Soldiers jump out of an armoured truck.

Battle Dress Jacket — Photo 2

An African Canadian soldier in a battle dress jacket and kilt stands with his dog on a street in London.

Battle Dress Jacket — Photo 3

A sailor petting his ship’s mascot, a white cat, that is perched in his cap.

Navy Rating’s Cap — Photo 1

A group of sailors on a ship wearing their caps at different angles.

Navy Rating’s Cap — Photo 2

Eight air force members all wearing lifejackets, stand together for a photo with their mascot, a dog.

Lifejacket — Photo

Two soldiers bending over to stack ammunition.

Gaiters — Photo

Two air force members prepare for a flight.

Flying Helmet— Photo 1

A pilot stands in the cockpit, looking out over the wing of an airplane.

Flying Helmet— Photo 2

An unpacked Red Cross parcel shows an assortment of items, including canned foods and soap.

Soap — Photo

Two male and two female naval members unwrap and taste the chocolate ration from life boat ration box.

Lifeboat Ration Tin — Photo

Eight boys and one girl sit around a table knitting.

Turtleneck Tuck-in — Photo 1

Two sailors sitting together hold up hand-knit socks.

Turtleneck Tuck-in — Photo 2

A page from the Beehive catalogue of Service Woolies shows four scarves and a turtleneck tuck-in.

Turtleneck Tuck-in — Photo 3

Seven members of the RCAF Women’s Division stand in a row, in dress uniform.

Air Force Service Dress Jacket— Photo 1

Sixty officers are arranged in rows for a group portrait. There are three women present in the group.

Air Force Service Dress Jacket— Photo 2

A Boy Scout, with his dog, hangs a propaganda poster outside.

Propaganda Poster — Photo

Seven men gathered in front of several finished works of art.

War Art — Photo 1

Molly Lamb Bobak, poses in her studio in front of a painting, in uniform and holding a palette.

War Art — Photo 2

A man in a suit counts money on his desk. His prosthetic right hand rests in front of him.

General Service Badge — Photo

Two sailors in uniform pose with three young civilian women.

Sweetheart Jewellery — Photo

A woman uses ration coupons to purchase food from a female clerk.

Ration Book and Tokens — Photo

Three soldiers administer first aid to a wounded soldier. Three other soldiers defend their position from behind a rock wall.

Field Dressing — Photo

A soldier photographs a group of Dutch children. Several civilians stand nearby.

Camera — Photo 1

Lesson Plans

Guided Artifact Exploration

Exploring Through Objects

Museum in the Classroom

Visual Thinking Strategies

Analyzing Propaganda Posters


The Second World War

War on Land

War at Sea

War in the Air

Women and the War Effort

War Work

The War and Daily Life

The Japanese Canadian Story

The Holocaust

Personal Stories

Alexander Railton Campbell — Personal story

Alexander Railton Campbell

Mary Adelaide “Addie” Cooney — Personal story

Mary Adelaide “Addie” Cooney

George William Boyer — Personal story

George William Boyer

Robert and Evangeline Bush — Personal story

Robert and Evangeline Bush

Guy Henri Rainville — Personal story

Guy Henri Rainville

Kam Len Douglas “Doug” Sam — Personal story

Kam Len Douglas “Doug” Sam

Minnie Eleanor Gray — Personal story

Minnie Eleanor Gray

Joan Bamford Fletcher — Personal story

Joan Bamford Fletcher

Young woman

Inge Oswald

Lorida Landry Langlois — Personal story

Lorida Landry Langlois

Alta Wilkinson — Personal story

Alta Wilkinson

René Morin — Personal story

René Morin

Michiko Ishii Ayukawa — Personal story

Michiko Ishii Ayukawa

Masumi Mitsui — Personal story

Masumi Mitsui

The Zajderman family — Personal story

The Zajderman family

Aba Bayefsky — Personal story

Aba Bayefsky

Henry and Charles Byce — Personal story

Henry and Charles Byce

Jean Pierre Antoine Normandin — Personal story

Jean Pierre Antoine Normandin

Percy Wilmot — Personal story

Percy Wilmot

Joseph Bertrand Alphonse Benoit — Personal story

Joseph Bertrand Alphonse Benoit

William King Lowd Lore — Personal story

William King Lowd Lore

Somer Oscar James — Personal story

Somer Oscar James

George Joseph Chequer — Personal story

George Joseph Chequer

Norma Etta Lee — Personal story

Norma Etta Lee

Margaret Pictou LaBillois — Personal story

Margaret Pictou LaBillois

Allan Selwyn Bundy — Personal story

Allan Selwyn Bundy

Frances Emma Caddy — Personal story

Frances Emma Caddy

Lorna Stanger — Personal story

Lorna Stanger

Wilhelmina “Willa” Walker — Personal story

Wilhelmina “Willa” Walker

Albert Socqué — Personal story

Albert Socqué

Elmon Lichti — Personal story

Elmon Lichti

Nora Gibson and John “Jock” Elrick — Personal story

Nora Gibson and John “Jock” Elrick

Verda Sharp Cook — Personal story

Verda Sharp Cook

Kate Aitken — Personal story

Kate Aitken

Elizabeth “Betty” Butcher — Personal story

Elizabeth “Betty” Butcher

Barbara McNutt — Personal story

Barbara McNutt

Thomas Kunito “Tommy” Shoyama — Personal story

Thomas Kunito “Tommy” Shoyama

Keith MacLellan — Personal story

Keith MacLellan

Posters and Artworks

Private Roy, painted by Molly Lamb Bobak

Private Roy

Mine Destruction, painted by Donald Cameron Mackay

Mine Destruction

Quaicker Girls, painted by Paraskeva Clark

Quaicker Girls

Posted to Newfie, painted by Paul Goranson

Posted to Newfie

D-Day — The Assault, painted by Orville Fisher

D-Day — The Assault

Performing One Half of the Operation Known as ‘Applying the Tracks’ to a Valentine Tank, painted by Frederick B. Taylor

Applying the Tracks to a Valentine Tank

Gas Drill, painted by Molly Lamb Bobak

Gas Drill

Royal Canadian Air Force Briefing before Kiska, painted by Paul Goranson

Royal Canadian Air Force Briefing

Night Target, Germany, painted by Miller Brittain

Night Target, Germany

Colour illustration of a beaver and a lion holding swords.

To Victory

Colour illustration of a woman holding a hoe, a man holding a rivet gun, and a soldier holding a sub-machine gun.

Attack on all fronts

Colour illustration of a caricature of Hitler in a tree, with a beaver chewing on the trunk.

Get your teeth into the job

Colour illustration of a nurse holding out her hand.

Give To The Canadian Red Cross

Illustration of an airplane and two falling bombs.

Save waste bones

Colour illustration of an arm holding up a sledgehammer.

It’s our war

Colour illustration of an elephant with a 'For Sale' sign.

If you don’t need it don’t buy it

Illustration of a woman holding household items.

Dig in and dig out the scrap

Colour illustration of a woman reading news of Canadian advances overseas.

Buy Victory Bonds

Colour illustration of two members of the Merchant Navy.

The life-line is firm