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Students examine Second World War Box artifacts.

Second World War Discovery Box

The Second World War Discovery Box features objects and documents that will help students explore the impact of the Second World War on Canada and Canadians.

A complete set of online resources complements the Discovery Box, offering teachers everything needed to lead activities in the classroom.

The Second World War Supply Line Discovery Boxes are supported by the R. Howard Webster Foundation, the Crabtree Foundation and the Friends of the Canadian War Museum.

What's in the Discovery Box?

Camera and description


Field Dressing and description

Field Dressing

Ration Book and Tokens, description

Ration Book and Meat Tokens

Sweetheart Jewelry and description

Sweetheart Jewellery

General Service Badge and description

General Service Badge

War Art and description

War Art

Propaganda Posters and description

Propaganda Posters

Air Force Service Dress Jacket and description

Air Force Service Dress Jacket

Turtleneck Tuck-in and description

Turtleneck Tuck-in

Lifeboat Ration Tin and description

Lifeboat Ration Tin

Soap and description


Flying Helmet and description

Flying Helmet

Gaiters and description


Air Force Lifejacket and description

Air Force Lifejacket

Navy Rating's Cap and description

Navy Rating’s Cap

Army Battle Dress Jacket and description

Army Battle Dress Jacket

Service Flag and description

Service flag

Factory head scarf and description

Factory Head scarf

Air Raid Precaution Armband and description

Air Raid Precaution Armband

Miss Canada Apron and description

Miss Canada apron