Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I book the Supply Line First World War Discovery Box?

Bookings are accepted on the Canadian War Museum website at


  1. What is the cost to borrow the Discovery Box?

There is no charge to the school. The Discovery Boxes are free to borrow. The cost of shipping is also covered by the Canadian War Museum.


  1. How far in advance can I reserve a Supply Line First World War Discovery Box?

Starting on August 12, 2019, bookings can be made for the first semester (September 2019 to January 2020) during the 2019-2020 school year. Booking for the winter/spring session (February to June 2020) begins on November 1, 2019. Requests for Discovery Boxes are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. Can two teachers from the same school borrow a Discovery Box in the same school year?

The Canadian War Museum wants the Discovery Boxes to reach as many schools as possible. For that reason, loans will be limited to one Discovery Box per school, per semester. We encourage teachers to share the Discovery Box between classes while it is at their school.


  1. Can I extend my loan period?

Loans will be limited to 2 weeks.


  1. I really want the Discovery Box on a specific date. How can I guarantee that I get that date?

When booking the Discovery Box, you have the opportunity to indicate a preferred month for the loan. Dates are then assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a limited number of Discovery Boxes available for loan. There is no way to guarantee that you get the Discovery Box for the date requested, but the best way to maximize your chances is to make your request as soon as possible.


  1. How will the Discovery Box be delivered?

The Discovery Box will be delivered by courier. Arrangements will be coordinated by the Canadian War Museum’s loans department. Please ensure that someone is available to receive the delivery at the arranged time.


  1. What do I do if the Discovery Box does not arrive when it is supposed to?, 1-819-776-8524


  1. Who is eligible to book a Discovery Box?

Discovery Box loans are available to any primary, elementary, intermediate or high schools in Canada.


  1. Will the Supply Line program be open to museums, libraries or community organizations?

The Discovery Boxes are available for schools only. During the summer, the Discovery Boxes will return to the Canadian War Museum for maintenance and will not be available for loan.


  1. Can I buy a First World War Discovery Box?

The Discovery Boxes are not for sale.



  1. How heavy is the Discovery Box?

The Discovery Box weighs approximately 27 kilograms (60 pounds). The transport box has wheels and an extendable handle. It can usually be transported by one adult.


  1. What is included in the Discovery Box?

There are a total of 23 artifacts in the Discovery Box. In addition to the artifacts you will find a teacher’s manual containing packing instructions, artifact checklists, supplementary resources and hard copies of the lesson plans. Most of these documents are also available online.


  1. Is the Discovery Box bilingual?

All material developed by the Canadian War Museum for the Discovery Boxes is available in both French and English. When artifacts or archival material included in the Discovery Box is unilingual, we provide either an equivalent piece in each language, or a translation of the text.


  1. Who is the target audience for the First World War Discovery Box?

The Discovery Boxes have been created to help teachers provide a unique, informative and engaging experience for students learning about the First World War or planning First World War remembrance activities. The lesson plans are targeted to grades Kindergarten through 12 (Kindergarten to Secondary 5 in Quebec) and cover themes of community, identity, historical thinking, geography and art.



  1. Can students try on the clothing contained in the Discovery Box?

The clothing items included in the Discovery Boxes are all reproduction materials. They are sturdy enough to be worn, provided that they are treated with care.

Note: Small-Box Respirator (gas mask): The Small Box Respirator has a mouth-piece. For sanitary reasons, we recommend that students do not put their mouths on the mouth-piece.

Note: Service Dress Cap and Mark I Helmet: While living with lice was a reality for most First World War soldiers this is not the authentic experience we want for students. Please use your best judgment regarding allowing students to try on and share the clothing, in particular the cap and helmet.


  1. Am I allowed to write directly on the Teacher Resource binder or any of the other objects in the Discovery Box?

Please do not write on or alter any items in the Discovery Box, including the Teacher Resource Binder. If you have comments regarding any of the contents, please contact us at

Feel free to make photocopies of any items in the binder, or print or display from the digital copies available on the website.


  1. Are they any additional resources or materials that support or expand upon the content of Supply Line?

In addition to the lesson plans and background information specific to the Discovery Box, the Canadian War Museum website offers additional teacher resources for learning about the First World War. Suggested links include:

  • Canada and the First World War – a vast online exhibition exploring a wide range of related topics, featuring over 700 artifacts and 6800 images from the collections of the Canadian War Museum.,
  • Over the Top – an interactive game exploring daily life in the trenches;
  • Canada’s Naval History – an online exhibition covering the history of Canada’s Navy since 1910.


  1. Can my students handle all of the objects?

Yes. All objects can and should be handled by students! However, artifacts in shadowboxes should not be removed from their boxes, though the box itself can be handled.


  1. Are there specific instructions that I should give my students for how to handle them properly?

Do not fold the Official War Art, as this will crack the image. Otherwise, please use all objects with a general level of care.


  1. If I have trouble repacking the box, where will I find the instructions?

Instructions in both languages are found in a plastic folder attached to the inside of the box lid. You will also receive a PDF copy by email from the Supply Line coordinator.  If you cannot locate a copy, please contact the Supply Line coordinator at to receive a new copy by email.



  1. What happens if I do not return the Discovery Box?

The cost to replace a Discovery Box is $2,007. The school responsible for the reservation will be charged the full replacement cost if the Discovery Box is not returned.


  1. What happens if an object is missing or damaged when the Discovery Box arrives at my school?

When the Discovery Box arrives at your school you will be required to complete and artifact inventory and condition check. If any items are missing or damaged, please notify the Canadian War Museum immediately and we will send a replacement object.


  1. What happens if an object is lost or broken while at my school?

We expect that some items will need to be repaired or replaced as the Discovery Boxes travel from school to school. If an item is broken while the Discovery Box is in your school, please notify the Canadian War Museum so we can send a replacement object. In some cases, your school may be charged for the cost to repair or replace the object.


  1. How often are the objects in the Discovery Box cleaned or maintained?

All items will be cleaned and repaired at least once per year. However, if you discover at any time an item is dirty or damaged, please contact the Canadian War Museum immediately so that we may send a replacement.



  1. I have already used the Discovery Box, and I have some suggestions for how to improve it. How can I get in touch?

After the loan period is complete, you will be sent an evaluation form to complete. The feedback we receive help us continue to improve this program.


  1. Does the Canadian War Museum offer additional educational resources and programs?

The Canadian War Museum offers many additional online and onsite educational resources. Please consult for more information.


  1. I still have unanswered questions. Who should I contact? or 1-819-776-8524