Teacher Resources

The Supply Line Discovery Box comes with everything you need to use it in your classroom.

The Teacher Resource Binder, included in the Discovery Box, contains hard copies of all the supporting documents. You can download the resources in PDF format by following the links below.

  •  Lesson Plans: Curriculum-linked lesson plans for students from Kindergarten  to grade 12 (Secondary 5 in Quebec), including all necessary handouts and resources to use them in the classroom.
  • Artifact Backgrounders: Every object in the Discovery Box comes with an information sheet about the object. The backgrounders provide a definition, historical background and information on the object’s development and use.
  • Artifact Information Labels: Every object in the Discovery Box comes with an Artifact Information Label that students can use to create a display in the classroom.
  • Contextual Photographs: Most objects in the Discovery Box come with a photograph that shows the object in use during the First World War.

Additional First World War Resources