Canada & The South African War, 1899-1902

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Canadian Personalities

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles W. Drury
A popular and efficient officer, Drury was known as the "Father of Modern Field Artillery in Canada" for his many innovations.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas D.B. Evans
He went to South Africa as second-in-command of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles. Shortly afterwards he was appointed in acting command of the 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles. In the view of one modern historian, Evans was the "outstanding Canadian soldier of his generation."

Major Arthur L. ("Gat") Howard
Major Howard was an aggressive, fearless leader who fought the Boers at close quarters. Howard's impressive military exploits were among the most dramatic in the history of Canada's participation in the South African War.

Lieutenant-Colonel Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes was a senior militia officer and an influential Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party. An intensely patriotic, strong-willed man, he disliked professional soldiers. In 1911, Hughes became Minister of Militia and Defence.

Lieutenant-Colonel François-Louis Lessard
A 'very popular and efficient' commanding officer, and an aggressive leader in combat, he was also fortunate to be able to count on officers and men of the highest standard.

Lieutenant-Colonel William D. Otter
As commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry in South Africa, his no nonsense, no frills approach to soldiering brought him into conflict with the less disciplined ways of his officers and men.

Nursing Sister Georgina Fane Pope
For five months after their arrival, the first group of nursing sisters, with Georgina Pope as senior sister, served at British hospitals just north of Cape Town. Nurse Pope served in South Africa, caring for injured British and Canadian soldiers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel B. Steele
Steele was a charismatic, opinionated, hard-living individual who personified the popular image in the Victorian era of the rugged, larger-than-life frontiersman, with all his virtues and vices.